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Boplaas 1743 Estate is historically associated with the respected Afrikaans writer and poet, I.W.van der Merwe, better known as Boerneef. He was closely related to the family and he loved Boplaas. He often mentioned it in is work.  Oupa Carl van der Merwe was also a keen and prolific writer and his works will also be available for sale in the very near future.  Our team of experts is currently in the process of resurrecting his publishing house in order to make the precious Africana Boerneeftreassure available for purchase. More info in Afrikaans on Boerneef's life and career is currently available, here.


"The mountain goose dropped a feather

from the highest cliff at Wuppertahl

my heart rejoices, ever more

with this I would like to tell you

how deep my love is for you..."

-Boerneef (I.W. van der Merwe) 1959

Accomplished Poet
World Traveller