Export Fruit

The quality of Boplaas fruit speaks for itself, locally and internationally. To taste the difference, look out for our P.U.C. numbers next time you shop for fruit: Co123, Co528, C1150, P0068, P0090. The freezing cold winters and balmy summers in the pristine Winterberg Mountains make our apples, citrus, pears and peaches possibly the juiciest and sweetest in the Ceres Valley. 
When you buy fruit from us, you're guaranteed of quality products packed in state-of-the-art facilities. We handle all international export processes from Ceres, to anywhere in the world. We also supply you with all the services needed to get our products to you as fresh and beautiful as when they left the trees. As the oldest family business in South Africa, Boplaas 1743 offers you an unbroken lineage of 10 generations' farming and export knowledge.